FRG and Century Partners Plant 26,000 Trees

Posted by Fitzgerald Realty Group on December 11, 2019
Fitzgerald Realty Group

Fitzgerald Realty Group, Inc. (FRG) in conjunction with the Century Center Partners (CCP) reforested over 70+ acres along the scenic Monocacy River at an industrial parcel known as New Century. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has classified the area of the reforestation as hydrologically sensitive and the trees were critical for stabilization. Starting as small caliper trees they have fully matured, stabilizing the river banks and the 100-year flood plain where they were planted. There were a diversity of trees planted, including Black Walnut, Pin Oak, Sycamore, Red Maple, Hackberry, Silver Maple, Swamp White Oak, Mulberry, Dogwood, Redbud, Serviceberry, Witch Hazel, and Spicebush. Plantings were approved by the Frederick County Environmental Compliance Section (ECS) using Maryland Department of the Environment guidelines. These guidelines mandate sediment control, storm water management and forest resource management requirements. After a 3-year growth monitoring period, the 70+ acres of trees were then accepted into the Frederick County’s Forest Resource Ordinance (FRO) program, and granted an easement which protects the reforestation from disturbance and enhances local forest resources. A developer in need of off-site FRO credits can purchase credits from the easement to satisfy county requirements. As trees are newly planted, the FRO credits are calculated at a 2.5:1 ratio compared to the preservation of existing forestation. This incentivizes landowners to plant trees and enter them into the county FRO easement program. This action by FRG and CCP included the monitoring of environmental conditions of islands in the Monocacy River that are also a part of the land conservation program. If you have any questions about FRO and what your land may be worth please contact us by clicking the button-below.

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